Don’t mistake me for a feminist :P

Oh well, I can’t really blame you if you think I am a feminist. Well the tittle of the
blog probably suggests so. But, in all honesty, I have no such intention. This blog is a simple representation of anything and everything that comes to a female brain. Sometimes it may come across as a silly thought, nevertheless it is as important as any other ground breaking thought that comes any scientist. Lol.

What may seem unimportant to others, may be of great value to us. Most of the times we tend to disregard our thoughts, feeling they don’t make sense. By doing that over a long period of time, we suppress our grey matter more than we can possibly imagine. And I have seen this happen more often with the pink brigade. This thought prompted me to create this blog. Not that men are not welcomed to give opinion or share their thoughts, but ladies this one is majorly for you.

Why do I say so? Well because its only the pink matter that can and ever will understand why crying for no reason is often the best stress buster for us OR why at times washing our hair on cold morning makes more sense to us than having oily hair all day OR why the chipped nail paint on our nails can irritate us more than a random argument.

So to sum it all up, this blog is all about reaffirming the notions we believe in, in our hearts, “the pink matter matters”.


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