By Hook OR By Crook !

From the past few days I’ve been following this news of, Dr. Kiran Bedi being projected as the Chief Ministerial candidate for BJP in the upcoming Delhi elections. Now that she has filed the nomination, people are waiting for the elections to unfold. It would be interesting to see how this entire process happens.

But before we talk about the future lets take a peek in the past. Dr.Kiran Bedi has been a prominent face in the entire quest of making India corruption free. She is known for her honest work for the government of India, and is highly regarded her for her services. She is truly an inspiration for many, across our nation. She has always kept forth her agendas very clearly and has always stuck by them. But her recent decision to join BJP has left many eyebrows raised. Reason being her statements that she made about Mr.Narendra Modi and BJP, just a few months back.

Clearly when Dr.Bedi had decided not to join AAP, along side Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, people sensed some internal conflicts. This somehow stopped Dr.Bedi from achieving what she had set out to achieve in the first place. It hindered her contribution to make India corruption free. Now when the opportunity came across her once again to reignite her quest, she grabbed it with both hands.

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Why? Well to change the system you have to be in the system. This applies for everyone. One of the most powerful ways to be in the system in India, is by joining politics. By being a politician you directly come in contact with common people. You become a liaison that connects the regulators of our country with the population. She is doing exactly the same thing.

I feel if one is set out to to achieve something, then what matters is that you get the results. If not by following the set path, then take a new course, but don’t give up. I hope we see positive results of Dr.Bedi’s decision to join BJP. One thing is clear though, she’s out there to get what she wants, by hook or by crook. Lesson to learn people.


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