Is UBER Confidence also UBER Safe ?

Now that UBER cab service is coming back into operations once again in Delhi, it is a high risk game for them. I must appreciate the confidence that they have shown by restarting operations but to be able to make its customers feel safe once again won’t be an easy task for them. Rebuilding the lost trust of the customers will not be an easy ball game.

Another big question that arises from the entire incident, that made UBER shut its operations, is the distribution of responsibility for that heinous crime. We all know what happened that night and we also know that the guilty cab driver was caught and sent to jail. The fact that he committed that crime while he was on duty, makes UBER cab services a shareholder of his act as well. While I strongly agree that it is the company’s responsibility to do the due diligence while hiring an employee, what debatable here is, how far must that check go? and what would be the correct measure that would make sure that the hired employee is the right fit.

When we talk of due diligence, we usually refer to the credentials of a person such as educational background, identity proof, past work record, etc. But this incident poses another aspect which must be covered with equal importance when doing a background check, the psychometric analysis. To know what really going on in someone’s head and to know what one is capable of, only a psychological analysis can give us a clearer picture. I don’t say this will solve the problem a 100% but it nevertheless will give us a better insight into our employee’s mind.

Today many such tests are a part of the screening process conducted by corporate companies while hiring blue color employees. It won’t be a bad idea to do the same while hiring the non white color employees. While UBER has come up with many schemes to attract back its driver and pose a tough competition to its competitors, it won’t be all that easy to rebuild the lost trust of its customers.

The question still remains… will this act of confidence by UBER be enough to make the customer feel safe enough to choose them over others?


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