Who doesn’t want freebies ??? :P

Over all these years, in my shopping experience, I have often felt that what gives more happiness is the free gifts that I have received than the actual product itself, that I bought. Its funny, isn’t it? I don’t know if it’s just me or you people out there have felt the same way too. No matter how small that free gift is, it just instantly makes you smile.

As kids it used to be the taazo or the game card or the small plastic figure that we would get each time we opened the chips pack. More than enjoying the munching it used to these little gifts that made the entire experience simply magical. The excitement of opening those packs and finding what gift is waiting for us inside, was simply out of this world. Whenever Amma bought a pack a pencils for me, I’d be more excited to see the free sharpener and eraser that came along with it. 
I still remember the very first time I traveled by air on that Jet Airways flight, I think I was 8 then, the moment we settled in, my sister and me were presented with a hamper of gifts that contained a back pack, a colouring set, a colouring book and some more freebies. Oh! what a delight that was. That hamper made the entire experience simply memorable for me.
The free gifting  culture has definitely evolved over the years but the fun in receiving them is still the same. Even today, whenever I buy something and there is a free gift attached with it, its still as exciting as it used to be. Just last year I got a free travelling pouch with some cosmetics that I bought, it was a delight to have it or the free customized pen I received when I bought some stationery items. 
Most of the times these freebies are not too expensive, but almost every time they make us smile. I think this is one of the few benefits of this heavy increase in consumerism. Big or small free gifts are always welcomed. 😛

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