Bathroom: A Thinker’s Paradise

Ever wonder, why is it that our imaginations and ideas cross all boundaries while we are in the bathroom? Well, there probably is no science behind it or maybe, there is. Whatever be the reason, I have some theories of my own.
1.       It’s all about “ME”:  For many of us, the time we spend in the bathroom is the only time that we spend with just ourselves throughout the day. We are in an undisturbed communion with ourselves. We enable our brain to make a true connection with us, hence enabling our brain to think far ahead.
2.       Enhanced senses: All those beautiful fragrances around us, from our body wash, shampoo, moisturizer, etc, actually enhance our senses. Such enhancement helps in relaxing our brain and therefore increasing its capacity to think above and beyond.
3.       No one to judge: Alone in the bathroom, we no longer have to worry about being constantly judged by people around us. No wonder we get the best of our ideas in such a setup. We lose all our inhibitions and that makes our thoughts reach the heights we never imagined.
4.       Detoxified body breeds detoxified brain: Our metabolism works in a surprising way. When we defecate, we not only detoxify our body but also our brain. Have you heard the saying, “Healthy body breeds healthy brain”, the same things works here as well. When in the bathroom, our brain is at its healthiest best, leading to some greatest of thoughts.
5.       Brain works best after system reboot: When we get up after a good night sleep, it’s like getting up after a total system reboot and hence our brain is at its best. So when we get out of bed and get into the bathroom, along with all the above mentioned reasons, our brain produces magnificence.
I don’t know about science but these are some of the reasons why I think our best ideas are generated when we are in bathroom. Believe it or not, the idea to write this article too got generated at the same place. Hope you enjoyed it! LOL !

Do share your ideas, maybe you have something more interesting to add to the list. 😀

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