India v/s South Africa: A Lesson To Learn For Us All

The only thing that everyone could be heard discussing before today’s World Cup match between India and South Africa, was the fact that India had never won a single match against South Africa in any of the previous World Cup tournaments. What people often remember about any match is the result and ignore the other important aspects that lead to that result. It is true that what ultimately matters more than often is the outcome and not the process. But we cannot deny the relevance of process if wish to achieve the same or a different result.
Each of the past World Cup games might have been the same but each World Cup tournament in the past has had different sets of players on both sides, different pitches to play on, different umpires to judge them, different crowd to cheer them, different weather to play in, different techniques and strategies to play with and most important of all, different mindset to play with. Past results definitely affect us mentally but by making changes in the process we can bring about huge changes in the future result.
Today the reality is that India beat South Africa and moved to the top in Pool B of 2015 Cricket World Cup tournament. I don’t think the team would have won today had they wasted their time dwelling on the past results. What really mattered to them, was how they had been performing as a team in the past matches together and what reforms could make in order to win. It was the past of these 11 players collectively, that was the only consideration factor for the team. It does not matter how INDIAN teams had done in the past, what matters is what this particular team has done in the past.
A great lesson to learn here, the only past that should matter to anyone should be the one which involves the people who you are with, in the present. This thought can make India an invincible team in this tournament. Carrying on with this attitude, WE MIGHT NOT HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK, after all.
Have a great Sunday !

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