Daily Soaps: Creating bubbles that are far from reality …

Ever since the onset of daily soaps on television in India, this industry has been growing bigger everyday. We have experienced this revolution ourselves, in the past few years. These daily soaps have been a huge source of entertainment for many, and especially the homemakers of our country at large. And why not, I believe being a homemaker is a round the clock job and requires most of the time to be spent at home, managing the day to day lives of the entire family. These daily soaps provide a way of watching the stories that are related to society as a whole.
The concepts behind most of these shows are often related to normal households and its issues or the social issues in the society. While I think that it is important that we talk about the problems in our society, to create awareness among people, yet there is another face to these daily soaps. While trying to bring out the reality of our society and culture, these daily soaps often make the protagonist of the story an ideal character. This person is the highlight of the show, and it is this character, around which the story revolves.
This person they create is someone who is often ideal in every sense. For reference, let’s call this person “X”. So, X could be a daughter or a wife or a daughter-in-law or a son or a son-in-law or a husband or a father or a mother or anyone else. X never lies, X never hurts anyone, X never does anything incorrect, X is selfless, X can do anything to keep others happy, X is full of sacrifices, X is almost close to perfect. Is that how you or I are? Is that how others in our lives are? I don’t think so.
Everyone aspires to be ideal but let’s face the reality, is it really possible? Real lives do not run on scripts. Real lives run on our own actions. These shows that portray idealism are not doing anything wrong but probably the way they affect us subconsciously is what is creating problems. We may feel once we switch off the TV or change the channel, we forget about those characters, but actually we don’t. Over a period of time, when we regularly watch these shows, we begin to internalize them in our real lives. We begin to relate and compare ourselves and other in our lives with these characters. It is then that the real issues arise.
I mean come on, think about it, do you really think it would be right to expect a woman who sleeps late at night after finishing all the chores to get up early in the morning at 5, get ready with perfectly lined eyes and perform prayer? Well maybe it is true for some but definitely not everyone at large. What these things do is, they build up false expectations in the minds of the viewers. They create an image of a world which in all honesty is a work of fiction. The core issue behind is all maybe be real but the entire characterization and drama created to push that issue is simply too much to handle.
So the next time you watch these shows, watch and forget, try not to internalize them. Do not build your expectations around those characters. Daily soaps are meant to entertain you, so get entertained and forget them. I myself do not like to watch daily shows but those who do, well, just think about what I said the next time you watch them, you might see my perspective.

Have a great evening : )


Some Cause-Met-Icky Facts :P

Women used to pinch their cheeks to give themselves rosy cheeks before blush was invented.

So ladies, next time you forget to carry blush, you know what to do!

In the old days, make up was used to frighten enemies, show a social rank or make magic.

LOL, I don’t know about frightening enemies but some people still use cosmetics for similar reasons, unintentionally perhaps. I feel all they need is a bit of honest feedback.

In 1400, it was popular for women to be hairless.  They would shave their heads and pluck their eyebrows and eyelashes completely out.

Now that is what I call, going a bit too far in the name of fashion. Heads I can digest, and plucking eyebrows is OK too as long as one leaves some intact but eyelashes … REALLY ??? hahaha. 

The most common injury caused by make-up is scratching the eye with a mascara wand.

OK honestly, I can testify this one. It happens more than often. Happened once with me too. Hurts like hell : (

Coco Chanel started the trend to be tan after she tanned herself on a cruise.

That’s called a lucky accident

Cleopatra was known to soak her ship’s sails in perfume so the fragrance would reach Rome (and Marc Antony) before she did.

WOW! … quite grand I must say. Doesn’t make much sense to me though. But then again, it’s no big deal for a lady who believed in bathing in milk every single day 😐

Dermatologist tested does not mean dermatologist approved.

Haha, we usually miss out the most obvious meanings. So next time you buy cosmetics make sure its dermatologist approved and not tested ! 

 In the 17th and 18th century, women dilated their eyes with drops from a plant called Belladonna, as it was considered attractive. Long term use damaged the eyes and lead to blindness.

So much to look attractive?

 In the 1930′s, a product called “Lash Lure” was sold in the U.S. as permanent mascara. It blinded more than a dozen women and killed one.

Must have been one of those dermatologist tested and not approved product 😐

Nestle owns a quarter of the world’s largest cosmetic company, L’Oreal.
IMAGINE: “Nestle … because you’re worth it” =)) Thank God for just a quarter of ownership and separate branding. All that Nestle reminds me of is milk and chocolate and maggi and food food food. Nestle and L’Oreal ??? Who would have thought.

The first nail polish was invented in China in 3000 B.C. by mixing egg whites, beeswax, gum and colored powder.

Hmmm … Some real science there. But I am glad I was born in the 20th century : |

I had fun reading them … hope you did too ! Adios !

Cleaner brains as essential as cleaner drains !

“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” or the “Clean India Campaign”, is a Government of India initiative to make our country cleaner. It is a movement led by our own prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi. I absolutely and completely support this cause and think that “a clean India” is the need of the hour today. It’s high time we realize the importance of keeping not just our homes clean, but our neighborhoods as well. Small changes in our personal habits can bring about a huge change to our country. Habits such as throwing the garbage only in the dust bins or trying not to litter around at public places or not spitting on at any random place, etc, can make a huge difference in this process.

All that said, I personally think that India will be clean, in true sense, when it’s people will have clean minds. I find this cleanliness to be as essential as the other one. Just like we talk about cleaning our surroundings, I think it us our duty to talk about cleaning the minds too. The crime rates in India have been on a constant rise every year. There are several reasons why one commits a crime, but the most heinous crimes that are committed are directly linked to the functioning of the grey matter.

While there are many theories behind why people commit a crime, the fact is that no one is born a criminal, it is the circumstances and the choices we make that make us who we are. Our brain is where it all happens. While the influence of nature vs nurture, is a debatable topic, we simply cannot ignore the impact it has on us. I feel nature is something that we have no control over, yet nurture is absolutely in our hands.

When I say that nurturing is in our hands, I simply mean that our responsibility does not end at giving our own children the right upbringing. We must all make a conscious effort in being compassionate towards the world at large, to understand what the next person might be going through. Be it that kid who you see begging on the street or that young teenager you see walking by you while eating paan masala. No one wants a life like that, its the circumstances that make things good or bad for us, and it is our intellect that makes us take the right or the wrong path.

I don’t say that you must go out of the way to help others but make small efforts. These efforts need not always be monetary, they can simply be in gesture. I remember once I bought this little beggar boy a pair of slippers on hot sunny day, he was sitting outside the cafe, by the wall, in its shade. He was barefoot and it was too hot to walk on the road like that. That pair of slipper for me was not more than what I’d spend on a cup of coffee but it meant way too much to that little boy. I still can’t forget the smile on his face. This gesture of mine might have been a small one but it may have created some positive impact in his little head. I hope in some way I was able to help him keep some faith alive in this big nasty world.

So, the next time you want to make India clean, don’t just clean the surroundings but help others keep their conscience alive and kicking. Help them keep their lives clean.

Happy Sunday : )

Who doesn’t want freebies ??? :P

Over all these years, in my shopping experience, I have often felt that what gives more happiness is the free gifts that I have received than the actual product itself, that I bought. Its funny, isn’t it? I don’t know if it’s just me or you people out there have felt the same way too. No matter how small that free gift is, it just instantly makes you smile.

As kids it used to be the taazo or the game card or the small plastic figure that we would get each time we opened the chips pack. More than enjoying the munching it used to these little gifts that made the entire experience simply magical. The excitement of opening those packs and finding what gift is waiting for us inside, was simply out of this world. Whenever Amma bought a pack a pencils for me, I’d be more excited to see the free sharpener and eraser that came along with it. 
I still remember the very first time I traveled by air on that Jet Airways flight, I think I was 8 then, the moment we settled in, my sister and me were presented with a hamper of gifts that contained a back pack, a colouring set, a colouring book and some more freebies. Oh! what a delight that was. That hamper made the entire experience simply memorable for me.
The free gifting  culture has definitely evolved over the years but the fun in receiving them is still the same. Even today, whenever I buy something and there is a free gift attached with it, its still as exciting as it used to be. Just last year I got a free travelling pouch with some cosmetics that I bought, it was a delight to have it or the free customized pen I received when I bought some stationery items. 
Most of the times these freebies are not too expensive, but almost every time they make us smile. I think this is one of the few benefits of this heavy increase in consumerism. Big or small free gifts are always welcomed. 😛

Is UBER Confidence also UBER Safe ?

Now that UBER cab service is coming back into operations once again in Delhi, it is a high risk game for them. I must appreciate the confidence that they have shown by restarting operations but to be able to make its customers feel safe once again won’t be an easy task for them. Rebuilding the lost trust of the customers will not be an easy ball game.

Another big question that arises from the entire incident, that made UBER shut its operations, is the distribution of responsibility for that heinous crime. We all know what happened that night and we also know that the guilty cab driver was caught and sent to jail. The fact that he committed that crime while he was on duty, makes UBER cab services a shareholder of his act as well. While I strongly agree that it is the company’s responsibility to do the due diligence while hiring an employee, what debatable here is, how far must that check go? and what would be the correct measure that would make sure that the hired employee is the right fit.

When we talk of due diligence, we usually refer to the credentials of a person such as educational background, identity proof, past work record, etc. But this incident poses another aspect which must be covered with equal importance when doing a background check, the psychometric analysis. To know what really going on in someone’s head and to know what one is capable of, only a psychological analysis can give us a clearer picture. I don’t say this will solve the problem a 100% but it nevertheless will give us a better insight into our employee’s mind.

Today many such tests are a part of the screening process conducted by corporate companies while hiring blue color employees. It won’t be a bad idea to do the same while hiring the non white color employees. While UBER has come up with many schemes to attract back its driver and pose a tough competition to its competitors, it won’t be all that easy to rebuild the lost trust of its customers.

The question still remains… will this act of confidence by UBER be enough to make the customer feel safe enough to choose them over others?

By Hook OR By Crook !

From the past few days I’ve been following this news of, Dr. Kiran Bedi being projected as the Chief Ministerial candidate for BJP in the upcoming Delhi elections. Now that she has filed the nomination, people are waiting for the elections to unfold. It would be interesting to see how this entire process happens.

But before we talk about the future lets take a peek in the past. Dr.Kiran Bedi has been a prominent face in the entire quest of making India corruption free. She is known for her honest work for the government of India, and is highly regarded her for her services. She is truly an inspiration for many, across our nation. She has always kept forth her agendas very clearly and has always stuck by them. But her recent decision to join BJP has left many eyebrows raised. Reason being her statements that she made about Mr.Narendra Modi and BJP, just a few months back.

Clearly when Dr.Bedi had decided not to join AAP, along side Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, people sensed some internal conflicts. This somehow stopped Dr.Bedi from achieving what she had set out to achieve in the first place. It hindered her contribution to make India corruption free. Now when the opportunity came across her once again to reignite her quest, she grabbed it with both hands.

Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Why? Well to change the system you have to be in the system. This applies for everyone. One of the most powerful ways to be in the system in India, is by joining politics. By being a politician you directly come in contact with common people. You become a liaison that connects the regulators of our country with the population. She is doing exactly the same thing.

I feel if one is set out to to achieve something, then what matters is that you get the results. If not by following the set path, then take a new course, but don’t give up. I hope we see positive results of Dr.Bedi’s decision to join BJP. One thing is clear though, she’s out there to get what she wants, by hook or by crook. Lesson to learn people.

Don’t mistake me for a feminist :P

Oh well, I can’t really blame you if you think I am a feminist. Well the tittle of the
blog probably suggests so. But, in all honesty, I have no such intention. This blog is a simple representation of anything and everything that comes to a female brain. Sometimes it may come across as a silly thought, nevertheless it is as important as any other ground breaking thought that comes any scientist. Lol.

What may seem unimportant to others, may be of great value to us. Most of the times we tend to disregard our thoughts, feeling they don’t make sense. By doing that over a long period of time, we suppress our grey matter more than we can possibly imagine. And I have seen this happen more often with the pink brigade. This thought prompted me to create this blog. Not that men are not welcomed to give opinion or share their thoughts, but ladies this one is majorly for you.

Why do I say so? Well because its only the pink matter that can and ever will understand why crying for no reason is often the best stress buster for us OR why at times washing our hair on cold morning makes more sense to us than having oily hair all day OR why the chipped nail paint on our nails can irritate us more than a random argument.

So to sum it all up, this blog is all about reaffirming the notions we believe in, in our hearts, “the pink matter matters”.